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Minty by ThemeTree

Refreshing colors of a tropical rainforest and it has a scent of blue.

Feature List

Enable Google Font

If you want the Google font to go everywhere, enable this setting.

Google Font

Choose your own font to be display everywhere on your forum.

Google Font Weight

Put more styles into the new font you chose to be display everywhere on your forum.

Width Container

Change the width to your own liking.

Enable Body Background

You can choose a background for the body or just a plain background color.

Override Site Title

Spice up your site title by putting in the title you want to be display on the header.

Font Awesome Icon Statues

Input your own Font Awesome icon into the forums.

Guest Message

You will get a guest message everywhere of consisting of a title and a short paragraph of what's possible when your guest creates an account (New - if your allow new registrations is turned off, then the guest message will no longer be there).

Enable Secondary Footer

For extra storage we made a secondary footer so you can store more stuff on the bottom of the page.

Secondary Footer: About Us

Also on the secondary footer, we made an about us section so you can describe your site and your users interests.


You will get settings of changing the default colors to your own liking.

And much more!

We've been making finely crafted IPB themes by hand from 2012 through .