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Melody by ThemeTree

Starts out fresh with a gorgeous header.

Feature List

Layout Header Height

You can choose your own height for your whole header.

Mobile Layout Header

When on your mobile devices, you can choose your height for the header.

Header Title Position

Don’t want the header title in the center? No problem. You can choose the header title to go left or center.

Header Title

Your header title stands out so make sure your title stands out too.

Header Title Info

This is your description above your title.

Enable Header Fixed

The header also has a header fixed. This means when you enable it, the normal header will overwrite to the fixed header.

Enable Header URL

Have a background URL you want as your header background? No problem. When you enable the header url, you will be able to put your background on the Header URL.

Header URL

Put any background url in here and it will display the background on the header.

Header BG

Choose a file and start looking on your desktop for a background for your header.

Enable Secondary Footer

For extra storage we made a secondary footer so you can store more stuff on the bottom of the page.

Secondary Footer: About Us Title

Also on the secondary footer, we made an about us section so you can describe your site and your users interests.

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