Introducing Spirit 2!

A lightweight and customizable HTML startup template from the ground up. Built primary on IPS software and Twitter Bootstrap 4. Spirit 2 also comes with features that you'll absolutely love for your new homepage.


What Spirit 2 can do for you

Easily Customizable

You'll get at least dozens or more of settings to customize at your own fingertips.

New Custom Block Setup Included

This new block setup can be a breeze by inputting content and fetching a page through a block. Read more on this on the docs.

Advanced Settings

We've added more settings and increase customizations to extend the sections.

New Secondary Navigation: Dropdowns

When secondary nav is tuned on, the nav will convert into dropdown items.

New Fluid Sections

Instead of the three columns consisting with blocks on the page, we deleted that and added fluid sections.


This is a component from Bootstrap and we use it for hero content.

Everything you need

Spirit: Pre-Made Blocks Package

This add-on will enhance your homepage by getting some components from Bootstrap and custom ones from ThemeTree.

Its fast from not worrying about code and simple to configure!

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We take support very seriously for our customers that uses our products. If you need assistance, please click the link below to get started.

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