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"Sapphire" is officially released on IPS version 4.3! Read more →

Quality Design

When it comes to preparing a theme, we take extra precautions on making each theme in good quality and so beautiful for your community and to your lovely community members.

Crafted with Love

Every single theme you see is created with lots of love, joy, and perfection.

Framework Settings

Our new framework, you'll get dozens or even more settings to choose from to customize your community and make it suitable for all your members.

PSD Logo

In some of our themes, you'll get a theme name logo from Iconfinder.

24/7 Support

You already know we take support very seriously for our products and of course, for our lovely customers.

Free Installation

Need a hand installing the theme? No worries. Just send us a email and we get right on it installing the theme on your community.

Google Fonts

In our framework, we integrated Google Fonts so you can input whatever font you want and display it on your community.

Font Awesome

Introducing Font Awesome! A scalable vector icons to customize at your fingertips with the power of CSS.

Mobile Friendly

In all of our themes, we support mobile friendly so you can take our themes anywhere you go.


You can adjust the theme colors to however you like. Choose a theme from the store and start customizing the look & feel for your community!

Exterminate Bugs

We all know that everyone hates bugs in themes, so we try to clean out 100% of them.

Disable Settings

If you don't want something on, you can simply turn them off easily by going to the theme setting configuration page. It's that simple!

Plug in Your Own

We always try to make third-party apps and plugins suitable so you don't have to worry about any errors whatssoever.

Back-End Content

You'll be able to modify the contents of settings, resources, the core, etc.

Compatible Apps

All of our themes are compatible with IPS apps. This includes: Forums, Commerce, Calendar, Pages, Gallery, Blog & Downloads.

We've been making finely crafted IPB themes by hand from 2012 through .