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  1. If you would like to remove "Finely Crafted by ThemeTree" link at the bottom of the footer, you must purchase copyright removal.
  2. You'll no longer have access to updates, bug fixes, and support.
  3. Yes, but you'll no longer have access to updates, bug fixes or support.
  4. Brian A.

    Do I get access to support?

    Yes! When you become a ThemeTree customer, you'll be able to submit a ticket request through here for any product that you've purchased.
  5. Brian A.

    How does the renewal term work?

    When you buy any theme from the store, it'll have a renewal term on it that's priced at $15 per 6 months. This means that those six months will provide you: theme updates, bug fixes, and support.
  6. Brian A.

    What is the price for your themes?

    Each theme will cost $35 + a renewal term for $15 per 6 months to keep the theme up-to-date to the latest version, bug fixes, and maintain 24/7 support from us all the time.
  7. Brian A.

    What does ThemeTree offer?

    We give you the best 24/7 quality support from our wide range of finely crafted IPB themes and provide you with top-notch services that you won't turn down in a heartbeat.
  8. Brian A.

    Does ThemeTree do custom projects?

    Yes. We do custom projects to custom made themes by scratch, HTML/CSS to IP.Board, upgrade old version to the latest upgrade, and lastly, we also do custom landing pages.
  9. Brian A.

    Get Ready for ThemeTree 4!

    This year is almost over, so ThemeTree is cooking up a new theme with a spectacular style and new pages that will blend in nicely with the new design (preview of the new themes page on the blog thumb). There are coupe of pages/apps that're going to be deleted, which are: * Services Pricing Plan * Testimonials ** Forums * This will act as a block instead of just a page. ** We decided to leave the forums because everything is dealt with through the support tickets, and we like to keep our customers information safe and secure. Here's the pages that are going to be re-construct, with a finely design of our new brand colors: Themes Theme Inquiry Docs Blog FAQ will be turn into a database instead of plain HTML Front Homepage That's it! Not much to tell you because we're still putting it all together, specially with the pages that we're going to make absolutely amazing and just stunning for our new brand. By getting updates and upcoming news on this blog article, follow us on Dribbble and Twitter. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  10. Brian A.

    Game On

    Let's get our Game On by viewing this beautiful dark and clean theme that highlights gaming into your community.
  11. Brian A.


    Modern and clean with a sidebar panel added into the 'Forums' app containing your categories and sub-forums within them, creating a clean and simple UI for the forums app.
  12. Brian A.

    ThemeTree Is Finally Back!

    You must've notice that we have been gone for some time now. If you did notice, then that's because we're busy with our life's, everyone can relate to that, and plus, the demo board was offline for along time, so we had alot of things to do. At the end, ThemeTree is back and the demo board is officially back online! For upcoming themes (4.3), we have one under construction theme called "Sapphire" still being constructed and progressing for official release. For ETA, I'm not sure yet, but when we have one, we'll tell you by creating a topic in the 'Theme Development' forum. In the meantime, stay up to date with ThemeTree and follow us on social media (Twitter & Dribbble) for more news and updates. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  13. In this article, we're going to talk about configuring the Pre-Made Blocks Package to make your front-end page look beautiful with the pre-made blocks. Before we get started, you must have: Spirit - Power by Pages CMS (Pages) If you don't know what Spirit is, here's the description that describes Spirit: "Spirit -a custom landing page template built with CMS (Pages) and runs on Bootstrap & IPS framework to make your homepage look beautiful." Step 1: Watch this video below on how to configure the blocks Each one of these blocks are simple to configure and fast to assemble, and lastly, it has descriptions to help you through the process of the component. The video pretty much sums up on how to get each pre-made block and configure it to your own needs, and by fetching the block key to make it appear on your homepage. However, if you need help relating to Pre-Made Spirit Blocks Package, don't hesitate to ask by emailing us at admin@themetree.net. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  14. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add a theme thumbnail to a specific theme. Step 1: Find a thumbnail image for your theme Upload the image that you want for a specific theme into the media page (ACP -> Page Management -> Media). Then, click the button on top to 'Upload New Media'. We're going to talk about pulling the image in another step. Step 2: Getting your theme ID Go to ACP -> Appearance -> Themes. Then, locate the theme that you want for your thumbnail and on the right hand side you'll see the pencil button. Move your mouse over that button and on the URL (at the bottom left side), you'll see the ID (id=1). The number at the end will be your theme ID. Step 3: Linking the image to your theme ID item Fetching the image Go back to the media page and select the image you've uploaded. Then, below the image preview, you'll see the section head called "Media Tag". Copy the media tag for your image. Putting it into code Now, it's time to put it into the CSS stylesheet on the setting page (locate the setting page for this plugin will be in a .TXT file called "Installing Guide"). Click the tab called "Thumbnail" and enable the setting called "Enable Custom Thumb?" to bring up the CSS stylesheet editor. Paste this code inside the editor: .navThemeDialog_item[data-theme-id="ID HERE"]::before { width: WIDTHpx; height: HEIGHTpx; background-image: url({media="IMAGE ITEM"}); } You'll only need to change four things: 'ID HERE', 'WIDTH', 'HEIGHT', and 'IMAGE ITEM'. {ID HERE} = theme ID {WIDTH} = image width dimension {HEIGHT} = image height dimension {IMAGE ITEM} = replace those two words with the name of the image. After you're done, click the "Save" button and refresh your site. The new changes that you've made will load your custom thumbnails for each theme you've provided inside the editor. Sincerely, ThemeTree