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  3. Hello everyone, ThemeTree has moved support into tickets and no longer will be in the forums. If you need support, please create a ticket here to get started. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  4. ThemeTree 3 Final Design

    Hello everyone, In part of ThemeTree and to the store, we've added Stripe when you go to checkout. For the people that don't have PayPal, that's alright, now you can use Stripe. Stay tune for more general news and updates will be coming soon in this topic.
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  6. When ThemeTree 3 comes out, Leaf will no longer be supported no more. If you're a customer or wanting to purchase this theme for an upgrade when 3 comes out, please contact me directly at admin@themetree.net. Note: $15 (same as the renewal term for support) will be charge to upgrade outdated ThemeTree themes. Also, if you want additional features, it will cost you more depending on what you want. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  7. ThemeTree 3 Final Design

    Hello everyone, ThemeTree has decided 3 will be coming out in December. What day it'll be coming out though? Well, that's the secret of December, so please be ready everyday to see if it comes out. Stay tune for more general news and updates will be coming soon in this topic. Psst! A new upcoming theme will be coming soon when ThemeTree 3 comes out!
  8. ThemeTree 3 Final Design

    Hello everyone, We've updated the themes page to a better look. Go check it out here! More general news and updates will be coming soon in this topic.
  9. ThemeTree 3 Final Design

    We've re-updated the final design. Re-Updated Final Design This is the final final design of ThemeTree 3, so be prepared for 3 to be coming soon to ThemeTree. More general news and updates will be coming soon in this topic. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  10. ThemeTree 3 Final Design

    In 3, we're also updating our pages, including the homepage to make it standout with 3. More general news and updates will be coming soon in this topic. Stay tune for ThemeTree 3!
  11. Revising Theme Request

    We're now accepting landing pages in the theme inquiry. Start processing your inquiry! Sincerely, ThemeTree
  12. If you didn't notice in the blog, we're letting go ThemeTree 2 and building ThemeTree 3. To read more on the blog, go here to read up on more about ThemeTree 3. As we said in the blog, we're still in the progress of the final design, but now, ThemeTree has been working away getting the final touches for 3. Final Design There's the final design for ThemeTree 3. Therefore, there might be some slight changes to the design. I hope everyone is liking the new changes to ThemeTree because who wouldn't like the new changes. More news and updates on 3 will be posted in this topic so be on the alert for new posts. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  13. ThemeTree 3 Is Coming!

    It's time to let ThemeTree 2 go and start building ThemeTree 3. We all had some good times with ThemeTree 2, but it's time to let it go because 2018 is coming very soon now and we felt like it was time to start building the next version of ThemeTree. In 3, we'll be having a completely fresh new design and style guide that touches our name, and also a new logo to celebrate the years for 2. We're currently working away at our fingertips to making 3 clean and beautiful, and modern. As that being said, we're still in the makings of uploading the final touches of the design and showing you on how it looks. In the meantime, please try to stay on your seats and keep your eyes on the lookout for the new design. For ETA, the year will be 2018, but we're still not so sure in what month it's going to come out, so please be patient about this. I hope everyone is excited for the good news and for 3 to come out. To get more news on this blog, please be on the look out inside the forum called "News & Announcements" for latest news and announcements. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  14. Revising Theme Request

    ThemeTree presents Theme Inquiry! Check it out here and start processing your request. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  15. Revising Theme Request

    ThemeTree is working hard on the Theme Inquiry page. Check out the screenshot below! Stay tuned for Theme Inquiry!
  16. In this topic here, we was talking about revamping couple of pages into a more nicer look, and that's already been completed, so ThemeTree got to thinking about revising and revamping the Theme Request page into a cleaner look and more easier way to submit your request over to us. As that being said, we're still currently busy with our work, but we still have available time to develop themes and even custom themes for our lovely clients. We haven't started making the request page yet, but it's in our to-do list. Also, there's no ETA for developing the theme request page so please be patient and we'll have this up for you so you can submit your work portfolio into a live IPB theme. If you've any questions on regarding this topic, please email us at admin@themetree.net and we'll get back to you. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  17. Revamping Pages!

    About Us is now live! All of the pages are now completed and live. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  18. Revamping Pages!

    FAQ is now live! Please stay tune for the last page (About Us).
  19. In the community forums, we're moving support into Commerce tickets. This means that support will no longer be inside the community forums, but just ThemeTree in general. As for your topic(s) that have been resolved, you'll be able to still see them inside the forum called "Archived Topics", but no longer have the ability to make topics inside the other forums. We're doing this because it'll make our support more easier and more private for us and for our customers. It'll also provide us more information on your issue by giving us the theme name and the version that you're currently on, and so on. The support desk inside Commerce is very powerful and smart, so that's why we're walking away from the community forums and moving on to the support desk. This won't happen immediately, but probably coming soon in the mid November or December, or 2018. ThemeTree doesn't know yet so there's still news coming soon for this. Please stay tune for this upcoming big thing to happen and follow this topic to get the latest posts. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  20. Revamping Pages!

    Help Docs is now live! Please stay tune for the last two pages coming to ThemeTree.
  21. Managing your client area

    If you don't know a lot about the client area, you'll learn in this doc. As soon you logged in, you'll see 'Clients' on the navigation bar. This is your information and details for the store. We're gonna breakdown each section for you so you can understand it better. Orders & Manage Purchases These two are almost the same, but the difference is the orders page will give a list of all the orders you've made in the store and the manage purchases will go into depth of the file by clicking the 'Manage' button on the right side of the purchase item. Not that much to it, but if you need more help, please email us at admin@themetree.net. My Details This is your own details for the store and to clarify things in ThemeTree. Let's breakdown the details: Personal Information = Customer Information Addresses = Address Book Billing Agreements = automatically paying renewal invoices Account Credit Withdrawal Add credit Alternative Contacts = other users to whom you grant access to your account That's it! You're now done and now you know a lot about managing your client area. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  22. You all know that some of the pages are kinda outdated and doesn't have that pop feeling, but we're taking advantage of this now because we're taking a break from the themes and focusing more on ThemeTree itself. As that being said, there will be a couple of pages that are going to get revamp. Furthermore, ThemeTree is kicking into high gear of revamping the pages into a more nicer look. Here are the pages: Theme Docs is going into Help Docs FAQ About Us The first one is being coded right now and is in process (screenshot below), and the last two are still in progress. Preview Stay tune for Help Docs! There will be more news and updates coming soon, but as of right now, we're just getting started and planning new layouts and styles. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  23. ThemeTree is working on a new layout for the homepage. The header includes a slideshow for displaying the default header and showcasing our latest and top themes (check the second attachment). Below that, we've updated the style for services and re-updated testimonials into slides. Preview: Default Slide Preview: Second Slide Stay tuned for the new homepage! Sincerely, ThemeTree
  24. Band Slider

    Hi @Genesis2001, No, it's part of the theme, but it's hidden through CSS (if you still wanted it) or removable through the template. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  25. Band Slider

    Is the slider on Band optional / toggeable in the theme options? Thanks, Genesis
  26. As you've notice ThemeTree is working hard putting out crafted quality themes with set of tools for you to customize however you like. Furthermore, theme prices and renewal term for 24/7 quality, and good support will increase because as you've notice 4.2 has lots of great features and lots of theme settings to choose from. This also means we're putting new features into the themes and creating new things that other forum software's have. So as that being said, you're getting a good quality theme, that has lots of settings to choose from and good frikin 24/7 support through the community forums, IPS forums, or through email. Here are the new price changes coming to 4.2.x themes, including Vivid: Themes will be $35 Support will be $15 per 6 months We're making finely well-done themes that'll take lots of time to make for our lovely customers that really likes us, and putting out top quality themes. If you've any questions or anything related to ThemeTree, email us at admin@themetree.net. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  27. Background image support

    Oh, okay. If you need any more help, please don't hesitate to ask.
  28. Background image support

    We're still deciding on a new theme, so that list I gave are our narrowed down results.
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