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ThemeTree 3 is coming to ThemeTree! Read more about this in the blog.

Questions? We got them.

Can't find an answer? You can submit a FAQ topic through the community forums or you can contact us directly at admin@themetree.net.


  • Does ThemeTree do custom themes?

    Yes, we do create custom themes by stratch, HTML/CSS to IP.Board, and upgrade old versions to their latest upgrade.

  • What does ThemeTree offer?

    We offer you 24/7 support from our wide range of themes and provide you with top-notch quality services for our themes to extend beyond the community.

  • What is ThemeTree?

Billing & Licensing

  • What is the price for the themes?

    Each theme will cost $35 w/ a renewal term for $15 per 6 months.

  • Do I get access to theme support?

    Yes, you do. You'll have the ability to submit to the community forums for anything that's wrong with the theme or relating to ThemeTree.

  • Can I still use the theme after my license expires?

    Yes, you can, but you'll no longer have access to theme updates, bug fixes or support.

  • What will happen if my license expires?

    You'll no longer have access to theme updates, bug fixes, and support.