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[Slideshow] Adding/Modifying the slideshow

In this tutorial, we're gonna show you how to configure the slideshow.

You'll need:

  1. Artist

Step 1: Adding more slides to the slideshow (through the settings configuration)

In our new framework, there will be a HTML code editor inside the settings configuration for adding/removing slides from the slideshow.

Here's the example code:

<li style='background-image:url(Image Here)'>
  	<div class='ttSlide_info'>
		<div class='ipsLayout_container'>
          	<h2 class='ipsType_reset ipsSpacer_bottom'>Title Here</h2>
          	<div class='ipsType_large'>Description here</div>

You'll only need to change three things: 'Image Here', 'Title Here', and 'Description here'.

Let's us breakdown the three things we need to change:

  1. Image Here = image URL
  2. Title Here = your title
  3. Description here = your description

After you're done making your slides on the HTML code editor, click the "Save" button below and refresh your site. The new changes that you've made will load the new slides.



Edited by Brian A.