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It's time to let ThemeTree 2 go and start building ThemeTree 3. We all had some good times with ThemeTree 2, but it's time to let it go because 2018 is coming very soon now and we felt like it was time to start building the next version of ThemeTree. In 3, we'll be having a completely fresh new design and style guide that touches our name, and also a new logo to celebrate the years for 2.
We're currently working away at our fingertips to making 3 clean and beautiful, and modern. As that being said, we're still in the makings of uploading the final touches of the design and showing you on how it looks. In the meantime, please try to stay on your seats and keep your eyes on the lookout for the new design.
For ETA, the year will be 2018, but we're still not so sure in what month it's going to come out, so please be patient about this.
I hope everyone is excited for the good news and for 3 to come out.
To get more news on this blog, please be on the look out inside the forum called "News & Announcements" for latest news and announcements.

ThemeTree Is Officially on Twitter!
To get the word out for ThemeTree, we've decided to create an Twitter account to promote ThemeTree more and spread the word about ThemeTree itself and of course, our finely crafted IPB themes by hand.
To start following us and see our latest tweets and more upcoming of our theme development, please click our username below to get started following us, reading our latest tweets, replying, re-tweeting, and of course, liking all of our tweets if you love us very much.

You all know that IPS is developing the new version 4.2, which has lots of new features and improvements and lots more. ThemeTree wanted to spice up the framework because there is all these new things coming to 4.2, so we went ahead and created some new features for our lovely customers and ThemeTree itself.
Let's dig in to some new framework and of course, list these bad boys:
Twitter integration - You'll be able to put your own Twitter feed on the secondary footer when you edit through the configuration. Social icons - In our new themes, the new social icons are: Instagram, Dribbble, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Back to top - Everybody likes this function so we're able to integrate it on our new themes. That's pretty much it for our new framework, but wait, there's more. Some of our new themes we will have in 4.2 is subheader links. The subheader links is like adding more links that're important to you and to your guests and customers, so people don't have a hard time looking for what they want. Also, in the setting configuration, you'll be able to edit, modify, and add as many links as you like.
In this new section, we're gonna talk about the changes to linking a Google font inside the settings.
Google Fonts
We've made changes on how you input a Google font to the community.
Let's break it down for you so you'll understand:
Google Font - Instead of putting just the font, you'll put 'Open Sans', sans-serif because we've deleted the fallback font. Google Font Link - This is the same, but people have been confused when there is a font that has two words. When there is two words, put a plus sign in between the two words (for example, Open+Sans and Love+Ya+Like+A+Sister). Google Font Weight - This is also the same, but when there is nothing in the input field, the font weight(s) won't appear. Also, you don't need to put a colon when you input the weights into the field, but you'll still need to input commas when you putting more font weights. Note: This new change is only in the new theme called "Organic", but will get release by default to all of our themes.
I hope you like the new framework and new updates coming to ThemeTree.
We've been making finely crafted IPB themes by hand from 2012 through .