We Are ThemeTree

Our main goal is to create finely crafted IPB themes by hand for our lovely customers.

Our Themes

Our themes are finely crafted with love and lots of joy.

A dark modern gamers theme made for gamers and game lovers for your community.
Dark Image Background New

A dark, beautiful theme made for artists, but it can also be used for any particular community. By showing your content, your work will be brought up in the header slideshow for showing off your work.
Dark Recently Updated

Beautiful and clean with the special plugin Drystone that replaces the old grid into beautiful grid columns that your community will love a lot.
Light Recently Updated

A modern and unique in design. It can be a breeze customizing to suite your community and your members.
Light Recently Updated

A dark, beautiful flex theme that has a sidebar to make whole body overlay with the content.
Dark Image Background Recently Updated

A clean and beautiful w/ a touch of Gossamer.
Light Recently Updated

Refreshing colors of a tropical rainforest and it has a scent of blue.
Light Image Background Recently Updated Featured

A clean and modern that stands out beautifully with the selected colors, and by looking at the clean theme, ThemeTree took extra precaution at making it more appealing. There is no logo because ThemeTree wanted to give it that simple feeling look.
Light Image Background Recently Updated

Stands out beautifully with the primary color on the sidebar and the secondary color on the content.
Light Recently Updated

Your very own background on the header and a strikethrough overlay gradient to make the image pop a little bit, and below that is the fading body background color to make the rest of the content seeable. Also on the header, we put a title slider instead of a slideshow to make the empty space in the middle have a purpose.
Dark Recently Updated

A clean and beautiful with a side panel that fits your user navigation and the sidebar all together.
Light Recently Updated


A gamers theme
Dark Recently Updated

A stunning and beautiful with a guest message overlapping the header.
Light Recently Updated

A beautiful sidebar and two stunning colors that stand out.
Light Recently Updated


A beautiful looking and modern theme.
Light Recently Updated


A modern and has a beautiful gradient sidebar.
Dark Recently Updated

A dark and modern that has a beautiful sidebar.
Dark Recently Updated

Starts out fresh with a gorgeous header.
Light Recently Updated

Starts off fresh with a black header and a classy design on the navigation.
Light Recently Updated

About Us

Get to know ThemeTree more.

You already know that we're ThemeTree and we make finely crafted IPB themes, but you don't know the history behind ThemeTree. Let's tell you so you know our secret. On August 8, 2012, we decided to move on from Forumotion into IPS and get to know their software and how it works because at that time we didn't have our name. As soon as we start putting out couple of themes on the market, we was getting customers and sales so we decided to go all in the theme business and start making finely crafted IPB themes for the top quality price. In conclusion, we're now ThemeTree and making finely crafted IPB themes by hand from 2012 through 2018.

We've been making finely crafted IPB themes by hand from 2012 through .