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Brian A.

ThemeTree Is Now on 4.0!

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ThemeTree Is Now On 4.0!

We are excited to tell you that ThemeTree is now on 4.0. So don't worry about the themes getting upgraded because they will be upgraded. Now that ThemeTree has been upgraded, I can start upgrading the themes and start making the official theme, ThemeTree Beta. The default theme will be the default theme on ThemeTree, for now. As soon as the ThemeTree Beta is done, it will replace the default theme to the new ThemeTree Beta. And this will be the new default theme. Aren't you so excited for this? I know ThemeTree is!


Let's start talking about the upgrading to the themes. Some of the themes will not be upgraded because they haven't got any sales or it is because it hasn't reach to the higher point of a sale. I know you wondering what themes are gonna be upgraded to 4.0? Don't worry, we got that cover. Go here for the link and to find out the themes that are upgrading to 4.0 and the other ones that are not upgrading to 4.0. 


If we get more sales on the not upgrading to 4.0, we will upgrade that theme to 4.0. There is another option for you. If you really want the theme that is not upgrading to 4.0 and hasn't got any sales yet, you can email me at for getting that theme to 4.0. In the 'Not Upgrading to 4.0' section, there is one theme (Blaze) is gonna be upgraded because we had another sale on that theme. There is only four themes that are not upgrading to 4.0.

  1. Metro
  2. Adore
  3. Flexible Complexity
  4. Fresh Support

Those are the only four themes that are not upgrading to 4.0. There is gonna be new stuff coming on the way and of course new themes.



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