Does ThemeTree create custom themes?

Yes, ThemeTree creates custom themes and also creates HTML/CSS to IP.Board and upgrade old skins.

Visit the theme request page and choose a category and start processing your theme request to ThemeTree.

What does ThemeTree offer?

ThemeTree offers finely crafted IPB themes by hand and 24/7 support when you buy any theme of your choosing.

But wait, there's more! Visit the services to see what ThemeTree provides for you.

Billing & Licensing

What is the price for the themes?

The theme will cost $35 w/ a renewal term for $15 per 6 months.

Do I get theme support?

Of course you do! When you purchase a theme, you'll have the ability to submit anything that's wrong with the theme inside the forum called "Support".

Can I still use the theme after my license expires?

Yes, you can still use the theme after your license expires, but you'll no longer have access to theme updates, bug fixes or support.

What will happen if my license expires?

You'll no longer have access to updates, bug fixes, and support.

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