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  2. Vivid Preview [WIP]

    Hello again, I know everybody wanted this inside the theme configuration so you go: *NEW* Language Setting Keys In this theme, we've set up the language keys for our settings. I know all of you were dying to wait for this, so you can understand the settings very well. The language setting keys will be part of our new framework now so be really excited about that. Vivid will be coming very soon! Sincerely, ThemeTree
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  4. Band Slider

    Hi @Genesis2001, No, it's part of the theme, but it's hidden through CSS (if you still wanted it) or removable through the template. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  5. Band Slider

    Is the slider on Band optional / toggeable in the theme options? Thanks, Genesis
  6. As you've notice ThemeTree is working hard putting out crafted quality themes with set of tools for you to customize however you like. Furthermore, theme prices and renewal term for 24/7 quality, and good support will increase because as you've notice 4.2 has lots of great features and lots of theme settings to choose from. This also means we're putting new features into the themes and creating new things that other forum software's have. So as that being said, you're getting a good quality theme, that has lots of settings to choose from and good frikin 24/7 support through the community forums, IPS forums, or through email. Here are the new price changes coming to 4.2.x themes, including Vivid: Themes will be $35 Support will be $15 per 6 months We're making finely well-done themes that'll take lots of time to make for our lovely customers that really likes us, and putting out top quality themes. If you've any questions or anything related to ThemeTree, email us at Sincerely, ThemeTree
  7. Vivid Preview [WIP]

    Hello ThemeTree members, Here are two features coming to Vivid: *NEW* Hide/Show Sidebar On the right side of the sidebar, you'll be able to hide and show the sidebar by simply toggling the sidebar button. Also, a huge thanks to @Martin A. for helping me with the cookie. *NEW* Hide/Show Horizontal Footer Widget(s) On the right side of the horizontal footer title, you'll be able to hide and show the widget(s) by simply toggling the arrow button. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  8. Here's instructions on how to download a theme after you've purchased one from the ThemeTree store. Step 1. On the navigation menu, you'll see the menu called 'Clients'. This is where your orders, manage purchases, personal information, etc. For downloading a theme from the store, the menu you'll need is 'Manage Purchases'. Step 2. This is where you've all your purchases from the store. On the right side of the file(s), click the 'Manage' button to go into the file. Below the section head title called "Product Information", you'll find the XML file to download it and upload it to the themes page. You're now finished! Sincerely, ThemeTree
  9. Background image support

    Oh, okay. If you need any more help, please don't hesitate to ask.
  10. Background image support

    We're still deciding on a new theme, so that list I gave are our narrowed down results.
  11. Background image support

    Hi @Genesis2001, Here are the themes that do support backgrounds: Organic Pad (half background inside the header) Minty Not that much because I like to keep everything simple and clean. Also, there's some themes that have header background. If you want a particular theme to have a body background, please make a topic inside the 'Theme Modifications' forum and I'll assist you further. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  12. Background image support

    Do your themes (Pad, Bolt, Band, and Minty - and others) support full cover background images in the gutter areas(see area marked by red circles)? Thanks, Genesis
  13. Vivid Preview [WIP]

    Introducing Vivid! A dark, beautiful flex theme that has a sidebar to make whole body overlay with the content. Preview Vivid will be coming soon to ThemeTree and the IPS Marketplace. Please stay tuned for Vivid! Sincerely, ThemeTree
  14. Please Read: Themes That Aren't Supported Anymore

    Bag and Ribbon will no longer be supported no more because the theme is not spiking with sales. If you're a customer or wanting to purchase this theme for an upgrade, please contact me directly at Note: $10 (same as the renewal term for support) will be charge to upgrade outdated ThemeTree themes. Also, if you want additional features, it will cost you more depending on what you want. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  15. Image Test File

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a description!
  16. Converting Themes Page into a Database

    Hi everyone, When 4.2 gets release, the theme category called "Theme Updates" will be deleted and moving it into a field badge for the themes section page. I hope everyone is happy and excited for these new features, and when 4.2 gets release. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  17. Header and Footer Layout

    Hi @Dan, Yes, it's possible, but it'll be hard to modify though. No, it's all done by HTML and CSS. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  18. Hi, I was wondering if the header and footer layout of the slant theme is alterable to appear in the same format as your current Tree 2 default theme? Is the header and footer done with any additional plugins or is it all template and css edits?
  19. Hi everyone, As you've notice that we're putting new things out, like converting the themes page into a database and disabling the blogs application into a news database when 4.2 comes out. You might not think that's a lot, but you'll be full of excitement when you see it live. ThemeTree is working on putting exciting and new things when 4.2 gets release. Now, let's get back to this topic. ThemeTree is disabling the blogs application into blog, and creating a new design for the new blog page called "News". The current blog articles will be move into the database. Here's the article preview: Note: This screenshot is in work in progress so what you see might be change. As for the article record preview, you'll have to wait until 4.2 gets release because ThemeTree is keeping this a secret. When 4.2 comes out, the news page will probably be out, but if it's not, then we're still working on it and finishing it up to be release live. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  20. Converting Themes Page into a Database

    Hi everyone, If you didn't notice, the themes page is built upon custom HTML from the editor. In addition, that means ThemeTree has to go in and add new themes, arrange themes, delete the theme, modify the badges, and etc. A lot right? Well, it is. By not doing all of that work, ThemeTree is cooking up a new database that will handle each theme easily so we don't have to do a lot of the work. The themes section will still be the same as the other one, but just minor CSS changes to make look more nice and custom template logic for inputting the fields and displaying the themes. Preview Note: The themes section is still in progress. When 4.2 comes out, the new themes page will probably be out, but if it's not, then we're still working on it and finishing it up to be release live. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  21. The Steps to 4.2 Themes

    Hi everyone, You've notice that IPS is currently running 4.2 on their community and release the beta stage for more development to be release officially. When 4.2 gets release, ThemeTree will be in development of putting the new changes to ThemeTree 2 and making the themes equip to the new template changes in 4.2. In addition, the current themes will be held off for previewing on our site while we process each one to the latest changes. For the upcoming theme called "Lake", it'll be release and live when ThemeTree has launch the new changes to ThemeTree, and of course, let's not forget the themes. If you've any questions relating to ThemeTree or to the themes when 4.2 gets release, don't hesitate to contact us at Sincerely, ThemeTree
  22. ThemeTree Modifications Coming to 4.2!

    ThemeTree is working away and coding the new changes to ThemeTree 2. Here is the official screenshot: Check out the real pixels by going here:! Note: This is the official screenshot, but there's gonna be minor changes to the theme.
  23. ThemeTree Is Officially on Twitter!

    ThemeTree Is Officially on Twitter! To get the word out for ThemeTree, we've decided to create an Twitter account to promote ThemeTree more and spread the word about ThemeTree itself and of course, our finely crafted IPB themes by hand. To start following us and see our latest tweets and more upcoming of our theme development, please click our username below to get started following us, reading our latest tweets, replying, re-tweeting, and of course, liking all of our tweets if you love us very much. IPSThemeTree Sincerely, ThemeTree
  24. Lake Preview [WIP]

    Here is the official screenshot for this theme: Note: This is the official screenshot for Lake, but they're probably some new things that're going to change. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  25. New Framework Coming to 4.2!

    You all know that IPS is developing the new version 4.2, which has lots of new features and improvements and lots more. ThemeTree wanted to spice up the framework because there is all these new things coming to 4.2, so we went ahead and created some new features for our lovely customers and ThemeTree itself. Let's dig in to some new framework and of course, list these bad boys: Twitter integration - You'll be able to put your own Twitter feed on the secondary footer when you edit through the configuration. Social icons - In our new themes, the new social icons are: Instagram, Dribbble, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Back to top - Everybody likes this function so we're able to integrate it on our new themes. That's pretty much it for our new framework, but wait, there's more. Some of our new themes we will have in 4.2 is subheader links. The subheader links is like adding more links that're important to you and to your guests and customers, so people don't have a hard time looking for what they want. Also, in the setting configuration, you'll be able to edit, modify, and add as many links as you like. In this new section, we're gonna talk about the changes to linking a Google font inside the settings. Google Fonts We've made changes on how you input a Google font to the community. Let's break it down for you so you'll understand: Google Font - Instead of putting just the font, you'll put 'Open Sans', sans-serif because we've deleted the fallback font. Google Font Link - This is the same, but people have been confused when there is a font that has two words. When there is two words, put a plus sign in between the two words (for example, Open+Sans and Love+Ya+Like+A+Sister). Google Font Weight - This is also the same, but when there is nothing in the input field, the font weight(s) won't appear. Also, you don't need to put a colon when you input the weights into the field, but you'll still need to input commas when you putting more font weights. Note: This new change is only in the new theme called "Organic", but will get release by default to all of our themes. I hope you like the new framework and new updates coming to ThemeTree. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  26. As you can see that we're making minor changes and modifications to our theme and other pages to our site. Furthermore, they'll be modifications coming to ThemeTree when 4.2 gets release. We haven't decided what's going to change mainly, but as I said above, they'll be general minor modifications. There will also be new changes to the back-end that'll make the front-end more better and have better improvements because 4.2 carries a lot of new improvements and features. That's pretty much of what's going to happen, and there is probably more spicy stuff coming to 4.2, but for right now, ThemeTree will keep quiet. Please stay tuned for more news on this topic and updates when 4.2 gets release. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  27. Please Read: Themes That Aren't Supported Anymore

    When 4.2 gets release, here is two themes that're no longer supported no more: Compass Tree Blaze Sincerely, ThemeTree
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