About Us

ThemeTree is making finely crafted IPB themes by hand. ThemeTree will walk-through how to create a theme by hand. First, ThemeTree thinks of a good name for the theme that we are creating, and when ThemeTree is picking out a name for the theme, we also want the name to blend in with the look and feel. Second, ThemeTree browses to find the right look and feel that catches the eye for this theme. Then, ThemeTree gathers all the information (this includes half of the colors from that design and the look and feel). Third, the design and the look and feel will be re-arrange. Finally, ThemeTree gets to work right away and starts making the theme and putting features that will spice up the theme a lot more.

Theme Requesting

Wanna request a theme from ThemeTree? If you do, ThemeTree will make your design come alive. To get started, go here to choose a category for your design and submit it. After that, we will proceed with your theme.