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Clean Design

ThemeTree takes extra precaution for our lovely customers when it comes to design.


Every single theme you see is created with love and crafted by hand.


When you purchase any theme, you will get couple of settings that will spice up your forum and make your forum how you want it to be.

PSD Logo

You will get a PSD of the logo of the theme that you chose so you can modify it to your own needs.


ThemeTree gives you 24/7 support and a community forums so you can get all the help you need.

Free Installation

Having an issue installing the theme? Don't worry. ThemeTree will give you a free installation when you purchase one of the themes.

Google Fonts

In every theme, ThemeTree integrated Google Fonts so you can choose your very own font and make your forum how it's supposed to be.

Font Awesome

In 4.0, Font Awesome is integrated, so every theme is run on Font Awesome icons.


All of ThemeTree themes will be mobile friendly so you can take your theme anywhere you go.


Really awesome template.

When I saw that this was due for release, I signed up to Michael Keiths website and he not only responded to my questions really quickly, but he also took my suggestions on board and added them into the template! Not only is this template amazing, a really nice solid look throughout every part of IPB, but the support is also admirable.

For the price (please don't take this negatively), you cannot complain. The design is smart, clean and simple. However, I find it to be a really nice design and it's flawless. Really, it's one of the best existing 4.0 skins available and again, at $17 it's an absolute bargain.

I do wished it came with the social links, such as other Theme Tree designs come with (this would be a nice update).

Yet Michael's done a fantastic job here.

Very pleasant theme! Thanks

Excellent theme and quick support.

Thank you!

I love this Theme for my Roleplay forum.

@Brian A. it's a excellent designer, and support about the Theme issues is awesome! :thumbsup:

Excellent theme. Always quality work from

Excellent theme and very easy to customize.

Thank you!

The best theme i ever used since our forum creation 10 years ago! really awesome style, clean and light. Our members like it a lot !

I recommand it for all professionnal forums.

This theme lives up to it's name with its bold colors, sharp edges and overall professional yet dramatically subtle appeal. Not to mention how easy it is to configure and modify to your choosing which makes this one of my favorite themes on the marketplace!

Awesome and fun looking base template for your IPS community. I've been using it for several months now and have had little to no issues with it. Everything looks and works great!

I love the subtle header image with a blue overlay over it. It's easy to swap out and customize with your own images to give your community a one-of-a-kind theme, and it looks spectacular.

This is currently my favorite IPS4 theme available on the marketplace.